Aerfrigor carries out standard and customized fittings on each Iveco commercial vehicle model: Daily with dedicated solutions for each model.
Insulated, isothermal and refrigerated setups for every temperature-controlled transport need.
Food transport equipment compliant with HACCP standards, ATP standards for fresh goods (0°C / + 4°C) and frozen foods (-20°C).

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Iveco Daily

Internal measures

Step Lenght Width Height
Daily L1H1 3000 2450 1500 1410
Daily L1H2 3000 2450 1500 1800
Daily L1H1 Long overhang 3000 2850 1500 1410
Daily L1H2 Long overhang 3000 2850 1500 1800
Daily L2H2 3300 3030 1500 1800
Daily L2H3 3300 3030 1500 2000
Daily L3H2 3950 4100 1500 1800
Daily L3H3 3950 4100 1500 2000

Possible setups

Isothermal and refrigerators

Used for the transport of perishables compliant with ATP standards at a temperature of 0°C.
Insulation adhering to the internal walls of the vehicle, with high density polyurethane. All vehicles can be equipped with a refrigeration unit that works while driving and with mains electricity.

FRCX refrigerators

Used for the transport and distribution of frozen products. The insulation is of a reinforced type, with additional doors and increased thickness; High power refrigeration unit for reaching and maintaining low temperatures.

Plastic covering

Inside the loading compartment for transport with hygienic/sanitary characteristics compliant with HACCP standards. It is a washable, sanitisable and waterproof covering that adheres to the interior of the vehicle without losing internal volume. Example of use: transport of bread.
By applying the SHARK model temperature control unit, the vehicle guarantees the ideal environment for the distribution of medicines.

Refrigerated RRC

Refrigerated with doors and eutectic plates for the distribution of frozen foods. Cells with 3 or 4 doors with on-board or separate refrigeration unit.

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Customized equipment

  • Fixed, removable or foldable shelves
  • Dividers for separating loads
  • Multi-temperature controls for differentiated transports
  • Systems for hanging meat or fish transport
  • Load securing systems
  • Protection and reinforcement
  • Ventilation devices