Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about ATP, here you will find answers from our experts

1How long does it take for the ATP certificate to expire?
For new vehicles the ATP certificate is valid for 6 years provided that the thermal characteristics of the vehicle are unchanged and efficient
2When is the ATP certificate renewed?
It is best to start the renewal procedures in advance (at least a month before) due to unpredictable bureaucratic times
3What is needed to renew the ATP inspection?
  • Photocopy of the vehicle's registration certificate
  • Copy of the expiring ATP certificate
  • Your personal data
Contact us using the form you find on the site or send these documents via email or fax and we will contact you to renew the inspection of your vehicle
4I lost my ATP sheet, what can I do?
We recommend that you first keep a copy of the original certificate in the office. In case of loss it is necessary to file a loss report with the police.
With the report it will then be possible to request a certified copy at the MCTC office.
5Can I have the vehicle inspected at the MCTC, with expired or missing ATP?
No, it is not possible to inspect the vehicle if the ATP certificate is not present or is not valid
6I'm thinking of buying a used vehicle: what should I check?
Before purchasing a used vehicle for food transport, check the validity of the ATP certificate.
If this is invalid or expired, you risk incurring unexpected expenses or purchasing a vehicle that is no longer suitable for transporting food.
7What do I risk if I travel with an expired ATP certificate or if I don't have one?
The italian road code is very clear about this.
You'll risk:
  • The collection of the registration document
  • The seizure of the vehicle
  • Administrative sanctions