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Aerfrigor was founded in 1954 in the industrial refrigeration sector, specializing over the years in the construction of refrigeration units for trucks, vans and cold rooms.

Since the 1950s, we have been manufacturing cold chain solutions, specializing in refrigeration units for the transport of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.
We offer products and services for every type of temperature-controlled transport.

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What distinguishes us

In all we do, we give meaning to essential values such as QUALITY,

Production and sale of refrigeration units for vehicles

Each product we present is the result of the commitment of an organization of professionals, specialized technicians, and the contribution of the network of installers and maintenance technicians who collaborate with Aerfrigor with the aim of improving and simplifying the work of many of our customers

Complete setups of refrigerated and special vehicles

Insulated vehicles, refrigerated trucks, isothermal containers, multi-temperature transport, used vehicles and turnkey setups. Tell us your needs or ideas: realizing them has been our job for more than fifty years

Service and maintenance of refrigeration units

Technical assistance, maintenance contracts at our headquarters and at the network of authorized workshops connected to us throughout the country

ATP acceptance tests

Aerfrigor is a laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Transport for renewals of certificates of compliance with the rules of the ATP agreement
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Via 1° maggio, 8,
20068, Peschiera Borromeo
Milano - Italy

Phone: +39 025470578
Mail: info@aerfrigor.com

The quality policy

Over 60 years of experience in the Italian and foreign markets, the in-depth knowledge of refrigeration systems and the use of the most modern technologies form the basis of AERFRIGOR's corporate heritage
Focus on client

AERFRIGOR considers the satisfaction of Customers and all interested parties, and the satisfaction of their expectations, as the central pivot of all the Company's activities


AERFRIGOR Srl employs a group of collaborators who operate in compliance with the company mission, where everyone is called upon to contribute positively to the organization of activities and the achievement of objectives

Active partecipation

AERFRIGOR Srl is committed to ensuring that the people who operate in its name are competent, empowered and actively engaged at all levels for their own success and that of the Company

Process approach

AERFRIGOR Srl constantly checks the activities carried out, defining the information flows and the responsibilities of each to ensure effective organization of its decision-making and operational processes


AERFRIGOR Srl is not satisfied with the results achieved. It works to ensure that everyone in the Company is constantly focused on identifying margins for improvement, both in the effectiveness and efficiency of individual activities and in the offer offered to all customers, private or professional. AERFRIGOR promotes all the initiatives necessary to guarantee continuous improvement through a careful analysis of risks and opportunities.

Evidence-based decision making

AERFRIGOR Srl bases its strategic decisions on the analysis and evaluation of objective and verified data based on experience, in order to guarantee an effective evaluation of business processes and the ability to achieve the expected results

Relations management

AERFRIGOR Srl guarantees that relationships with all interested parties (in particular customers, suppliers and partners) are based on principles of transparency and correctness, in order to guarantee lasting success and the optimization of its performance

Respect for laws and regulations

AERFRIGOR Srl constantly monitors updates to the current regulations, in order to guarantee the development of products and the organization of activities and structures in compliance with all mandatory requirements, as well as the technical requirements imposed by customers and good corporate practices that are are consolidated over time